About LigerWays

About LigerWays

It is a way to make devices quicker, safer and much more rapidly

We designed and manufactured embedded systems for more than 20 years and finally found that the current way to do it is not matching to the level of technologies and needs of the most of the customers

People don't need to make a device. They need to get their task solved. Yes, in many copies.

Traditional device manufacturing assumes many operations needing professional engineers, factories, logistics and software developers. It also has risks and latencies on every stage of the process.

It is long, expensive and risky for the most of people.

Then we invented LigerWays.

LigerWays is different.

LigerWays offers the pre-built hardware and software blocks that are compatible to each other. You only need to connect it and describe the logic of how it should work - and get your device done. No need to make custom electronics, custom firmware, custom everything.

So, now everybody can do the device that he needs. No necessity to make a circuit, select components, search for the replacements of ones not being in stock, manage PCB/PCBA manufacturing and invest to the software development.

LigerWays lets you just click and go for the most of tasks and do a little effort for the most complex ones.

Feel free to ask us. We welcome our clients and partners!

1020 Southhill Dr, Cary, NC 37513