LigerWays Hardware

LigerWays Modules

First of all, LigerWays is a set of pre-engineered, manufactured and tested hardware modules that let you build your system like Lego, just attaching one module to another. And the next one, then more... until your system is complete and fully functional.

Each LigerWays module does just one function, but it covers 90% of scenarios where this function might be used. If your task isn't covered by existing modules, you may either contact us to make a custom module or go to the marketplace and see third party LigerWays modules that probably do what you need. If you finally had to create a custom module, you can place it to the marketplace and start making money on what people need and you have for them.

CPU module is only a mandatory module that you need. Principally, LigerWays specification allows multiple CPU modules with various of features, performance and capabilities, however the generic LigerWays has Nordic Semiconductor based MCU with Bluetooth Low Energy onboard. It allows you to communicate to your device wirelessy right out of the box, including the firmware upgrade and many other features, also CPU module has an extremely low power consumption and therefore works as a "manager" for all other modules that you stacked with it powering it up and down when needed.

Battery and USB plug power modules provide power for devices built with using the LigerWays modules. Battery module has CR2032 battery that fits tiny form factor of LigerWays devices.
USB fixed power module contains USB type C plug compatible with the wide set of cables and adapters that can be used to keep the device on. It also provides a wired UART-based connection to the device.

Other modules contain sensors, relay control, WiFi connectivity, cellular modem and several other functions that usually required for modern embedded devices. Grouping such modules you create a device with the functionality that you need.

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